Object Detection

Calibration lines detection by Artificial Intelligence

Principle of the SCCN model is to automatically detect the Neon and Argon lines of the calibration lamp for spectroscopes Alpy 600 by Artificial Intelligence.

This AI is based on deep learning, more precisely using convolutional neural networks with the Faster R-CNN object detection model. Another prototype based on the same principle also exists with the YOLO model (Darknet) and will be added as soon as possible.


Model training

Preparing a model from a dataset.

The detection is done with an artificial intelligence already trained from numerous calibration images where the position of the emission lines has already been identified..

Model's training is therefore done overall by showing it a set of raw NeAr spectral image data on which some lines have been identified. The algorithm will then learn to recognize them.


Help the project

Simplified and automated detection of calibration lines

The performance of the model will increase with the data we can provide, the more data, the better the training.

If you do spectroscopy with an Alpy600, you can participate in its improvement simply by providing your calibration images.


Spectral calibration prototype by Artificial Intelligence

Experimentations with machine learning technologies for spectroscopy

Detection level

The model currently detects 3 to 4 ArNe lamp lines with a 99% accuracy for very visible lines. But there is still work to for use it, for example in an educational framework for the discovery of spectroscopy.

In order to have a slightly more performant model, it is preferable to have additional lines detected.

Similarly, other types of machine learning models are being explored.

Experimental project

This project is purely experimental and aims to study the possibilities of machine learning technologies associated with the field of amateur spectroscopy.

Current automatic calibration solutions, particularly in the Alpy600, work very well and on many lines. The objective of this project is not to look for alternatives, but to study the possibilities of AI.

(See here for better algorithms : Demetra - Shelyak)

How can i help ?

You do astronomical spectroscopy ? You have a spectroscope? So you can help !

Detection model training is based on a set of calibration image data. The more calibration images there are for training, the more precisely the model learns.

You can improve the model simply by sending your calibration file via the button above.

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